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Medical ID Alert Bracelets
Medical ID Alert Necklaces

Personalization Suggestions

Vital information is needed on Medical ID Alert Bracelets and Medical ID Alert Necklaces.  Consulting your doctor will provide you with very specific information.  In general, the basic info needed would be the patient’s name, emergency contact phone and doctor’s phone.

Sample Format

  • Patient Name
  • EM 555-123-4567
  • DR 888-123-4567

Information on a Medical ID Alert

A Medical ID Alert Bracelet or Medical ID Alert Necklace is suggested for several medical conditions and allergies.  A complete list would be a web site in itself.  To help you, we have listed the following medical conditions and allergies as information that could be needed on Medical ID Alert Bracelets and Medical ID Alert Necklaces.

Physical Allergies
Insect Bites
Food Types

Physical Conditions
Heart Conditions
RNY Gastric Bypass
Medical Allergies

Medical Conditions

Medicines on Medical Alert IDs

Patients taking specific medicine and dosage might include this information on a Medical ID Alert Bracelet or Medical ID Alert Necklace.  It is important for the reference to contain the correct spelling (or notation) and dosage amount.  If you are not sure, consult your doctor first.  We engrave with the information supplied by you.  You are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.  Allergies to specific medicines and/or medicine types should be included on Medical Alert IDs.

Personalization Cautions

When personalizing Medical Alert IDs, be careful on using sensitive information.  Never have bracelets or necklaces personalized with social security numbers.  Be very careful when engraving medical provider numbers on Medical Alert IDs.  For some people with extreme medical problems, the medical provider number may be necessary.  Just be cautious and know the potential identity threat this exposes.  Please make sure your email and contact phone number are correct when placing an order.  Should we have any questions or suggestions, it is important that we can reach you.  For people with multiple conditions, allergies and medicines, a 24 hour - 800 number - data base service might be of value.  Organizations like the Medic Alert Foundation provide this type of service for a fee.  We do NOT provide service of this type as our business is strickly providing affordable quality personalized identification products.

Medical Awareness Solutions
Medical ID Alert Bracelet
Medical ID Alert Necklace

Stainless Steel Medical ID Alert Bracelet
Medical ID Alert Bracelet
Stainless Steel

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Stainless Steel Medical ID Alert Necklace
Medical ID Alert Necklace
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