Stainless Steel
Locomotive Child ID Bracelets
Personalized with Professional Diamond-Cut Engraving
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Locomotive ID Bracelet

Retail Price  $24.95
Our Price  $9.95
Locomotive Child ID Bracelet
Up to 6 Lines of Personalization
Choice of 6, 8 or 10 inch Length
Stainless Steel

FYI:  First 2 Lines included at $9.95.  Add additional lines for only $1.50 per line.

Product Information
Stainless Steel Locomotive Kids ID Bracelet

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Our traditional Stainless Steel Locomotive Kids ID Bracelets are made of durable premium grade stainless steel.  They come in your choice of 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch lengths and can be easily shorten for a perfect customized fit.  We include instructions for sizing with every order.  The Stainless Steel Locomotive Kids ID Bracelets are professionally engraved providing you with maximum wearing time without loss of information through use.  The Stainless Steel Locomotive Kids ID Bracelet can handle 1 to 6 lines of personalization with 20 characters per line of information.  All personalization is done in upper case letters to maximize space usage and for easier reading.  Our Stainless Steel Locomotive Kids ID Bracelets make great School ID Bracelets, can be used for Children's Medical ID Bracelets and make delightful gifts for your children.

Name:Locomotive Child ID Bracelet
Material:Stainless Steel
Weight:0.6672 oz
Department:Child IDs
Occasion:Back to School / Child Safety
Photo URL:
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